Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars

The Basketball Stars invite you to a 2-player match. you can play with others or by yourself. Aside from Stephen Curry, you might also run into LeBron James or James Harden.

Choose a squad and enter a competitive tournament. It's possible to win by coaching your opponent to make unbelievable dunks and three-pointers. In order to win, you must block shots, slap your opponent, and fill up the supershot bar at the top of the screen. Once the hot special balls have been loaded, you can get to them no matter where you are.

Your historic dunks will earn you points and immortality. Is the dunk contest in this game where you finally find fame? Okay, let's try to address this issue.


- A head-to-head basketball match between two players.

- Enter a competition.

- Try your hand at both attacking and defending.



Arrows = move / jump, Arrow down = block / pump, X = steal / shoot, Z = supershot

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