Epic Hole Runner

Epic Hole Runner

This is a new stickman game called Epic Hole Runner. To get more points and grow, you must eat as many or as many items as you can. You'll be running along a path with random things that have been taken from the streets. You'll eat people and get bigger with every meal. Play this game and eat until you're full.

The poisonous and explosive red barrels can shrink the black hole. Not to be used. Instead, pay attention to the blue bins, which will help you grow. To get the highest score, you must get the ball into the hole that is the biggest you can.

Don't waste your time looking at things that are too big for you to understand. Try to focus on things that are small and easy to eat. The green crates will make you bigger and give you more points to spend on bigger items. Start collecting your bonus diamonds and gold bars and work your way up to the top, which has the widest diameter.



Use your mouse to move.


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