Forest Match

Forest Match

Forest Match is a fun match-3 game that both kids and adults can enjoy. Its catchy tune and pretty graphics will draw you in right away. Points are given when you match fruits, plants, or other things in the forest.

Put together at least three things that are the same to gather them. You can also connect multiple identical objects to make powerful powerups. With these power-ups, you can get rid of dirt, grass, moss, and rocks, and collect as many items as you need for a level. Forest Match can now be played for free. You can complete a huge number of levels and missions, and the challenges change every day.

There are boosters that can help you lose the extra weight. When you get stuck, these bonuses are great to have. You can use the gold coins you've earned to buy them. That's interesting, right? Jungle Battles is like any other game with lots of jewels. You can get a lot of points, finish level goals, get gifts often, and make a lot of money.



Swap fruits, mushrooms, etc. Put at least three things that look the same in a row.

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