Fruit Connect

Fruit Connect

Fruit Connect is a tile-matching game that you can play online. The goal is, of course, to connect the same fruits. You can't make a line that curves more than twenty degrees between these tiles. Is there a quick way to get rid of all the cells in the table?

With care, you can match all of the tiles and clear the board. You might not be able to use every tile on the board right away. Only tiles that have no empty sides on one side can be put together. Also, a tile can't be used to connect two cells that are the same. It can only turn 90 degrees twice, though.

You can only get rid of the tiles if you pair them up. You can't just mine the pairs and be done with it. Tap to delete a cell, but only if a line can pass through it twice without making a right angle.



To make a choice, the player has to tap on each tile one at a time. If the two cells match and the combination is correct, the two people who were chosen at random will be taken off the list.

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