Garden Tales 3

Garden Tales 3

Garden Tales 3 is the sequel to Garden Tales. Those who enjoy playing match-3 games will enjoy this. In order to complete the previous level, you will need to connect at least three fruits together using this section. Discover a great deal of gold and other valuables along the way.

Match-3 puzzles can be solved by exchanging pieces of fruit that are adjacent to one another. In order for a swap to take place, there must be at least three items of the same kind. The use of boosters such as explosions is possible in order to clear large quantities of fruit or flowers.

You might also enjoy playing Garden Tales or Garden Tales 2 in addition to Garden Tales 3, which is a fantastic game. Engage in some self-challenging by playing some match-3 games!


- Match-3 with an abundance of fruit and trees.

- Accelerators provide a source of additional energy that can be used to support collaborative efforts.

- You can upgrade your rockets by earning money and spending it.



To get three in a row, switch the positions of the flower and the fruit.

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