Gems Shooter

Gems Shooter

In Gems Shooter, you can have fun playing a unique bubble shooting game. Along with the bubbles will come the rotation of the wheel of GEMS. Your objective is to acquire all of the GEMS that are located on the wheel. A group of at least three GEMS of the same color must be formed by shooting GEMS in the direction of the wheel. Keep in mind that your score will go down as it decreases over time, so try to wrap it up as quickly as possible to preserve as many points as possible. The spinning of the colorful wheel is what makes this game fun and interesting.

Those who enjoy bubble shooters will enjoy Gems Shooter, a free online game. The only difference here is that instead of shooting bubbles, you'll be using gems to do your damage. Use a shell of the same color to target clusters of gems of the same hue.

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Use a mouse or touch screen to navigate. Aim and shoot.


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