Noob vs 1000 Freddys

Noob vs 1000 Freddys

Noob vs. 1000 Freddys is a fighting game where the enemy is very scary. This time, you are the only one in every part of the world who can kill all 1000 Freddys. Get your guns ready to kill the Freddys.

All around Noob are Freddys. Your job is to help Noob take charge of this situation and make the best of this war zone. You can explore five maps. Each map is made up of five levels.

Some places will have the number Freddy's Freaks. This will show you how many enemies you still need to kill and how many you have already killed. They will come at you from different places. Can you carry out this mission?



You can move around by using the WASD keys or the mouse. Use the left mouse button to shoot, and the right mouse button to aim. Move the mouse wheel to change weapons. If you press the G key, you can throw grenades. Run by pressing left-teleport, crouch down by pressing C, jump by pressing Space, and reload by pressing A.

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