Words and puzzles come together in a fun way in the game Outspell, which is perfect for playing with a group of friends. Outspell follows the same guidelines as Scrabble in terms of gameplay. Those who are familiar with the traditional word puzzle will have no trouble getting into the swing of things. You'll have no trouble grasping the guidelines of Outspell, even if your knowledge of Words with Friends and Scrabble isn't quite up to par.

If you find yourself stuck and unable to think of a word, you can press the mix button as often as you like. This will combine all of your tiles into one, which might make it easier for you to find a word.

You have the ability to stack both the blue and red bonus tiles. The value of each letter is multiplied by the red cells, while the total value of each word is multiplied by the blue cells. You won't be able to change the multiplier values of these letters until you place them on the appropriate blanks.

You may have difficulty finding the right word to express what you're trying to say, but clicking on the dictionary button may be able to assist you. You can start typing existing letters, and it will automatically generate an alphabet of all the valid words that can be typed that begin with those letters.


Please use the mouse to navigate.

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