In, your goal is to take over all of the land. Each player starts with a small island that is by itself. Then you can make it bigger and add more sections. But watch out for your enemies. You're safe on your island, but you're vulnerable if you go outside.

Move the mouse to move your color around the map. To move around, you drag your mouse across the white space and paint from other players, then connect to your own color to confirm.

If you move away from your favorite color, you leave your tail open to attack. You could get hurt by other players who want it too.

Some Ways to Win

- Try not to leave your favorite color too often. The worse it will be, the more you risk being kicked out of the family. Don't let your opponent see how weak you are.

- When your opponent's tail is out in the open, you must move quickly and strike hard. This is how you can make your territory grow faster and stronger.


Use mouse, WASD.

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