Parkour Block 3D

Parkour Block 3D

Parkour Block 3D is a straightforward and simple-to-play parkour game. If all missions are completed, it will be possible to complete all levels. With more than 35 unique levels, this is a game that cannot be overlooked. Be the undisputed winner of this game.

There are numerous platforms, and you must typically leap between them due to their separation. You are able to devise your own strategy. You will learn something new with each attempt, and you can adapt your strategies to the next attempt.

It is more challenging to attain the higher levels. These platforms move very quickly and require precise timing. To see the platform more clearly, look down as you leap. Best wishes!



  • The arrow and WASD keys are utilized for movement
  • Space = jump
  • L-Shift = run
  • Double Esc = menu

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