Pool Party

Pool Party

When the weather outside is hot, cool off with Pool Party. Don your swimsuit and grab a towel, because Bunni is taking a trip to the water park.

Clean the pool of any debris and air bubbles. Use a water gun or a beach ball to spit out dirt, algae, and trash to create more popping noise and more bubbles. If you want to make some really impressive balloons, you should join together several of the same color.

Bunni Pirates features a daily treasure hunt and challenges that, when completed, grant access to a variety of rewards. If you like this game, you can always play more Wake Up The Box.



This match-three puzzle game presents a formidable and worthwhile test of your skills. The more items you match in the pool, the more bonuses and power-ups you'll receive. You can toggle using either the mouse or the touchscreen.

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