SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter

SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter

Fun and adorable, SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter is a bubble popping game. Use the happy face bubbles to show the world how happy you are. Gather all the animals, minifigures, and minifigures as you traverse hundreds of levels. When you match three bubbles, they will burst.

To pop the bonus bubble on the right side of the screen, you'll have to pay a fraction more. As soon as it finishes loading, you can replace your current Smileys with those contained within this soap bubble. If it comes into contact with a bubble, it will destroy it.

You can complete a level without popping every single bubble. Whether or not a stage is completed depends on the player's performance. The goals of these side quests can range from simple to complex, and include things like gathering smileys, finding clover, or freeing fish trapped in bubbles.

You can replace your current Smiley with the next one available. Swiping the Smileys around with your finger will rearrange them.



- Use the mouse to guide your finger as you play on a laptop or desktop computer.

- It's possible that a combination of three or more will appear and then vanish. Find the Smileys and get them out of the way before moving on to the next level.

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