2 Chaos Giant 2 Chaos Giant

If you're a fan of superheroes, you simply can't avoid playing 2 Chaos Giant. Following on from the events of the previous superhero game, this sequel includes additional new features, such as new gameplay and a map size that is four times larger. This time, you have the ability to create chaos on the battlefield by taking control of the enemy's weapons. You can increase your level by gaining experience points and leveling up your favorite heroes, or you can increase your level by picking up skill items and becoming a giant or invincible. The daily limit and the daily quest will make it much simpler for you to collect heroes.

This is an exciting superhero game that can be played online. You may also make reference to other games, such as Bubble Shooter Lof Toons, in addition to this.


  • On PC, move the mouse to move, left click to attack.
  • On a mobile device, tap on the virtual key.


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