Yummy Tales

Yummy Tales

Yummy Tales has been embellished with a variety of softgames. You will need to follow the winding path around the farm in order to get to the next puzzle, and you will need to solve all of the puzzles along the way. Matching up three or more of the same symbol will lead you to the correct fruits, vegetables, or cookies.

You are welcome to accompany Oscar, the dog, as he makes his way to the farm to feed the animals there. Every time you come back to continue your journey, you have the opportunity to unlock 900 new levels and collect Daily Rewards.

When you play the game, you will receive a bomb whenever you form a combination that uses more than three of the same item. If you combine at least four different items, you can make a bomb that can erase an entire row or column from the board. These bombs have a white ring that is completely encircled.

You'll find treasure chests strewn about the farm, and you'll need stars to open them. You can get stars by collecting them. Inside, you will find one of four boosters that, when used, will allow you to get rid of arbitrary items. You will need stars in order to open the portals that will take you to the subsequent location on the map.


You will need to complete a predetermined number of steps in order to solve each puzzle. The animals will communicate with you regarding the foods in which they are interested. In order to obtain three or more of a specific item, you can obtain it by exchanging the positions of tomatoes, bell peppers, and melons for apples, berries, bell peppers, and melons.

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